#Christmas #onaBudget

Being a student during the holiday season is stressful enough because of finals but to add Christmas presents op top of that? Equals stress to the max!!! We all want to be able to not only get good grades but to be able to afford presents. Unfortunately, for most of us college students we want to buy presents for all of our loved ones but our budgets don’t match our wishlist….

That’s why last year I decided to give it a go to do a D.I.Y. present style!

Pinterest was literally my best friend for the whole month of December. I searched and searched until I could find an idea that was practical and something that I could realistically make on a budget.

My first encounter was the D.I.Y. coffee mugs.


They turned out to be so cute! It was my first attempt to ever do something like this but I figured might as well try it out. The process of making things did take some time so make sure you plan accordingly.

I made coffee mugs for all of my immediate family members and my close friends. The website I provided just does a simple design of a letter but I wanted to make these mugs fun and personal. For each mug I found a joke online that made me think of them and I decorated  each one according to the theme of the joke.

My next thought was, wouldn’t it be cute if I stuffed the mugs with some homemade dessert?


So I found a recipe online  for a candied pecan recipe. I chose this dessert because most of my family lives in Florida and I wanted to make sure that they would last through the long travels.

I doubled up the recipe and stuffed them in goodies bags with holiday themed ribbon to make cute bows. The dessert turned out so tasty that I made an extra batch for the house!!

After that set I wanted to give them just one more thing, so I thought of what does every use that I could make personal?


That’s when I thought coasters!! I saw it on Pinterest and I knew that would be pretty cheap and fun to make. The longest part about this project was choosing the pictures! It was hard to narrow it down to 4 photos that you wanted to share with the person you’re giving it to.

In the end they turned out a lot better than I had anticipated. They’re durable and have already lasted one year so far! I actually use one of my fiancee’s coaster all the time for my night stand.

I hope this brought some relief to your worries! Pinterest is a lifesaver when it comes to ideas for D.I.Y. projects.

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