Stress Relief: 10 Ways to De-Stress Your Life

Stressing is never a good look for anyone. That’s why I want to help you and share my ways of how I let go of stress.

1. Eat Breakfast!!

Eating breakfast is so important! It’s how you are going start your day. Do you wanna be hangry for most of the day or do you want to feel healthy and energized? I’m pretty sure that’s a no brainer but so many people skip breakfast, don’t be one of those people! Eating breakfast enriches you with vitamins, cognitive health, and helping to have a longer life.

2. Any Exercise is Better Than No Exercise

Seriously!! Anything is better than nothing, you can take a walk around the neighborhood or even work out while watching t.v. (yes it’s possible!). It increases your overall health and sense of well-being. It also helps reduce your stress because it pumps up endorphins through your body which leaves you feeling better than you did before and of course keeps your body strong and healthy.

3. Take a Whiff of Peppermint

That’s right peppermint is essential to reducing stress. This scent invigorates the mind and stimulates clear thinking. Smelling peppermint has been proven to help with motivation and overall performance. So get to Sniffin’!

4. Watch the Movie: Step Brothers

Ever heard of “Laughter is the best medicine?”? It’s true, when I am in a cranky mood due to stress I will turn on the t.v. and find a comedy movie to watch.  I like to watch Step Brothers because It keeps me laughing throughout the whole movie. If you have seen this movie then you know how ridiculous this duo is. Laughter is known to relax the body, boost your immune system, is good for your health, and helps lighten anger’s heavy load.

5. There is Always Time for Tea

Green tea is known to helps reduce the damaging impact of stress on the brain. It has chemicals called polyphenols that help calm down your body. Drink up!

6. Are You Getting Enough Zzzz…’s?

Sleep is just as important as breakfast, it sets you up for success the next day. If you don’t end up getting enough sleep, the next day you will feel like your stuck in a fog and not function correctly. Some people loose sleep due to stress, but if you follow the steps it will lead you to “Sleeping like a baby.”

7. Find Your Happy Place

Meditating is another way to escape from stress to calm your mind and body down. To meditate you don’t need a crystal bowl to create calming echoing sounds, you just find something that fits you. The purpose of meditating is to get in-tune with your body and relax. Try and set a few minutes a side everyday for this and you’ll see the reward.

8. Listen to Music

Music has the ability to switch our moods almost instantly. It helps us escape for a moment and just relax to some of our favorite tunes. For me, instrumental music calms me down the most but honestly whatever you find relaxing will do the trick. So when you’re starting to feel overwhelmed just put on some headphones and mentally cruise away.

9. Hangout with Friends and Family

Studies have proven that being around people who you care about and who care about you help reduce stress levels. Personally, when I’m stressed out hanging out with my fiancee and friends is just the cure I need. They help you socialize and express your tension and give you that feeling of relief that everything will be ok. Go see your best bud!

10. Breathe!!!!

When your stress levels are at an ultimate high, take a step back and just breathe. Studies have shown that concentrating on your breathing lowers your stress levels which brings you into a relaxation mode. Next time when you’re feeling like you want to destroy everything, just remember to simply breathe.


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